Southwood Drama Finalists for the 36th Annual Bernice Adams Culture and Community Awards

On Thursday, May 24,  2018 Southwood Drama attended the awards gala at the Galt Country Club for the Bernice Adams Memorial Awards with Ms. Amy Cruickshank, Ms. Vida Collis and Ms. Meghan Drummond.

Southwood Drama was nominated as a finalist in the “Outstanding Youth” category for the Bernice Adams Culture and Community Awards by the City of Cambridge for their contributions to their community this year for the 2nd Annual Galt Ghost Walk (October 2017), their contribution and performance light installation at the City of Cambridge’s UnSilent Night (December 2017) their consent community awareness night (January 2018), their consent performance #MeToo (September 2017-March 2018), and their work with Annabel Lee (September 2017-April 2018) for the National Theatre School Drama Festival of Ontario.

In addition, Ms. Cruickshank was also nominated as a finalist in the “Performing Arts” category.

The gala was an exciting opportunity for the team to dress up and celebrate the culmination of all of their hard work this year in the performing arts within their community.

Congratulations to all for this incredible accomplishment and community recognition!



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