Drama Club wins 4 awards at NTS Festival – Moves to the Provincial Level

Southwood Secondary School’s Drama Club wins 4 awards at the National Theatre School (NTS) Western Regional Showcase (formerly SEARS) on Saturday, April 13. The production “Sometimes I Look Up to the Sky” received overwhelming feedback from the NTS Adjudicator and audience. In addition, the club will represent the Waterloo Region District School Board at the NTS Provincial Showcase.

Why this is a BIG deal

The NTS Provincial Showcase involves the best 12 dramatic theatre shows of approximately 360 performances across Ontario, based on a yearly average. Considering we are a small school, this is exceptional. Factor in that the club has made it to the Provincial level twice in 4 years is just plain awesome.

The students should be extremely proud to be performing among the top shows in the Province.


The awards taken home at NTS Western Regional Showcase include:

🎭Regional Award of Merit for New Play

🎭 Regional Award of Excellence for Bravery/Risk

🎭 Regional Award of Excellence for Collective Ensemble Creation

🎭 Regional Award for Outstanding Production for Western Regional Showcase

How you can help

Thanks for your continued support of these young artists. If you would like to help the drama club at the NTS Provincial Showcase, consider making a tax deductible donation online to our Waterloo Education Foundation Incorporated (a registered charity).

More information about the NTS Provincial Showcase on May 8-11 in Brantford will be forthcoming. The more fans in the audience, the more these young artists will feel supported by their community.

Thank You

Thank you to Bear Creek Secondary School for graciously hosting this year’s Regional Festival. Thank you for the enduring support of the staff and volunteers.

  • Mr. Gary Kirkham
  • Monica & Graham Braun from Monigram Coffee Roasters
  • Mr. Troy Dettwiler
  • Ms. Emily Ernst
  • Ms. Jennifer Sceviour
  • Tatyana Palmer
  • Ms. Katie Grant
  • Ms. Megan Drummond
  • Mr. Trevor Sinke
  • Ms. Autumn Russell
  • Ms. Molly Muck
  • Mr. Jake Kroeker
  • Mr. Jason Blair
  • Mr. Andrew Renner
  • Mr. Garret Titus
  • Mrs. Anne Hastings
  • Ms. Pauline Dill
  • Ms. Pam Patel
  • Ms. Vida Collis (our ever-supportive principal)

Photos from the NTS WesterRegional Showcase

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